Publishing madness. ​

After much thought, I have also created a paperback version of Mine. I never considered doing this because it’s a short story, and the paperback, in the end, is only 25 pages. But I’m glad I did it. I have had many emails over the last days indicating that they prefer a paperback over an eBook version and I can see the point in that. The smell of paper and having a book in your hand is, also to me, more comforting than looking at a screen.

Leading up to the release week of mine, I have been putting in a lot of work into getting the story design right and published. With this project, I wanted to give Indie publishing a shot and see if self-publishing were something I would want to do in the future.

I have to be honest with myself,

It’s not.

Give me storylines to unravel, give me editing and plotting. I’ll pull my hair out any day over getting all the stories to fit in my debut novel, Legends of Messinia, over formatting files and making sure it all looks as I want it.

I love the creative part of being a writer. I can sit down behind my MacBook for hours and pen down new storylines, build characters and worlds. I’m good at weaving in loose ends, character emotions, meaning and red lines in stories. I’m not good however at composing and formatting, making sure there are no grammar or punctuation mistakes.

I have an even more overwhelming respect for Indie publishers after the last few days. Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed the process and learned much, but I guess the creative part of me overwhelms the structural one.

The stress of worrying about punctuation, formatting and grammar mistakes are driving me a bit over the edge. Something about me knowing what I want and being a tat to perfectionistic. Its clear to me that with my dyslexia, I feel more secure with a team behind me that double checks that I do. Even with the tricks and revision routines, I have in place.

By next week weekend, I’ll be showing my work to all the people I know. I’m not going to lie and say I’m not scared because I am.

I’m shit scared of 2397 words. My adulting this week can be better. One thing I know for sure, on the 31st, when I sit down on our sofa in the evening and bite my nails off looking at my Amazon page…

I’ll be having a glass of celebratory wine, no matter what!






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