About Kalesjha


Kalesjha H. Wolf is a dreamer, taking residence, in the rolling mountains of Norway. There she works, lives, and writes, with her two fire-breathing dragons and a bona fide cuddle bear, she calls her husband, by her side.

Her fondness for writing sparked alive, at the age of nine, when creating imaginary worlds to compensate for a disappointingly conventional reality.

At seventeen she wrote a collection of novellas in genres ranging from romance, fantasy, erotic fiction and dipped her hand into poetry.

However, after years of creating worlds, it was probably inevitable that fantasy became her favorite nugget. In 2016, a wish to publish her work blossomed. A daunting prospect for a dyslectic writer

Currently in the works is her debut fantasy novel Carved Souls, in the Legends of Messinia trilogy. Where we meet Cyperian, a prince condemned to live in worlds dominated by magic, bonds, alchemy, and war.

"Fantasy burgeons within daydreams." 
Kaleshja H. Wolf



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