Summary reveal, Mine


Today I’m revealing the official summary of Mine, considering I’m getting close to announcing the release date. Just a few more dotting I’s and crossing t’s left!

For now, I’m happy to tease you with this little nugget;




Original Cover



Nora, in her worn-down 1936 Chevrolet, rides along Route 66. A tent stowed in the trunk, whiskey in the ice chest and the love of her life nestled in the passenger’s seat, makes hope for a lewd and indulgent evening fly high.

As the setting sun warms the inside of the truck, she smiles. Nothing can get in the way of relishing in her wedding anniversary, her favorite night of the year.



Mine will be available on Amazon from the 31st of March. Click on the cover and Pre-Order now!

♥ Kalesjha H. Wolf

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