Back on track

It’s been a while. I have been ill, but considering it has nothing to do with my writing, I can only leave an honest, from the heart apology here and hope for the best.

For the last few days, I picked back up where I left off a few months ago. I’m working on my debut novel and my short story Mine is ready to be released. After much consideration and thinking, I decided to go for a self-publishing project with this story. Now, why would I do that after the story is accepted by a traditional publisher? Well, I’m already going that route with Legends of Messinia, and I wanted to get a feel of self-publishing. (Yes, this is what I tell myself.)

TomorrowIf I’m honest, I’m doing this to get over the fear of letting others read what I write. It might sound silly, but I have been stalling like crazy because I’m terrified.

It has come to the point I need to ‘just do something’ and the result is self-publishing Mine. I haven’t got the specific date yet, but that should be solved soon.

Legends of Messina’s first book ‘Carved Souls‘ is now 65% into the first draft and book two has gotten its official title! I’m happy with the progress.

So, get ready! Because soon I’ll be around like a nervous wreck to announce the release date of Mine. It will be available as an EBook.




3 thoughts on “Back on track

  1. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been ill. Best wishes with your writing! I felt nervous too when I announced Mystical Greenwood’s publication. I still am. But I’m doing my best to be hopeful. You can do it!


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