Worldbuilding 101

The one thing I feel, you have to get under your belt when writing fantasy novels is worldbuilding. I think as a writer, creating the world in your head isn’t the hardest part. However, when it comes to putting it down on paper, we enter a whole different ballgame.

In my previous books I would describe the world(s) in such detail, I felt like the scent of the Fae forests would emanate from the pages. One could taste the putrid smell of demon ichor. I felt deeply connected to my work and was convinced all my readers would praise all the hours I put into describing every little shade of color on every little petal and-and, and…

I was a nipwhit.

By doing that, I consistently fell into the trap of ‘Info dumping.’ Another lovely term I learned the hard way when getting my writing evaluated by professional editors.

For those who like me before, don’t know what that is, let us go to our friends over at Novel Boot Camp!

An info dump is a big chunk of information that is “dumped” in the reader’s lap all at once. These info dumps are usually done through narration but can be found in dialogue as well.

Source: Ellen Brock Editing

I came to realize that although the worlds in my head are vivid and extraordinary but. If I point everything out to the reader, there is no room for them to visualize this world in their minds.

So, what do I do these days when it comes to worldbuilding? Well, it still lives vividly in my mind, but I focus more on the political systems, their warfares, culture and survival abilities. What are their traditions and values? How does this affect the characters and plot? Doing this allows me to separate my fantasy from that what needs to be written down in the novel, and what is the Infodump.

The worlds of Arden have a series of connecting worlds that influence another. It was indeed exciting developing these new and old cultures into one and finding links between natural enemy territory.

I hope you come to love these worlds as much as I do once the books get published.



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