Legends of Messinia

Legends of Messinia

Genre – High Fantasy

Book one:  Carved Souls

Cyperian Lachlan—Elithren’s sole scion, born under the Iron Sun—is devoted to secure the kingdom from those who mean it harm. Loved by the people, and his warriors in arms, Cyperian turns the kingdomes battles into victories. Yet, when evidence of destroyed worlds emerges old fears rouse, and quest given by his father—the King, sends Cyperian deep into the woodlands.

The black plague spiling into the lands is evident even deep in the woods. It does not deter Cyperian as he engages into a battle with shades. When a Warlock and Spirit materializing beside him during a fight, he is forced away from his duty, Cyperian is left to reestablish his legitimate ancestry in infested lands. This proves a battle worse than taking up arms against uncharted evil, as questions buried a hundred and seventy years ago resurface, throw everything Cyperian believes into shingles.

It’s all the warlocks fault, and Cyperian will get rid of him—the Spirit—and return to the King. His duty is forever to the Iron Sun and his people. No matter the extraordinary things happening whenever he gets near the bloody warlock.
An Iron warrior never bends.

Work in progress.

Estimated release date; to be announced.