Every writer starts somewhere.

I read it after so many years, and became utterly petrified that story came out of my fingers

When I started writing in my teens, I never realized there was more to writing than having an idea and sit down to write it. However a short Novella later, (That will never see the light of day. I read it after so many years, and became utterly petrified that story came out of my fingers) I acquired a piece of vital information.

One needs to plot a good deal in order not to become mentally unstable during the process of writing a Novel. A new world opened up and buried me in a lengthy process of developing the knowledge of that what makes somebody evolve from a writer to a novelist. The intricate complexity that allows you to create a Novel worth reading is so much more than just having a thought and putting that into words.

A library of skills is involved in creating a piece of art, and like every form of art, one needs to nurture and never stop developing it. Now, years later I’m in a very different place, and my skills have evolved dramatically due to the effort I put into my art. Even though I’m not yet the writer I would love to be, I’m on a very exciting path towards it.

The Worlds of Arden series is the first work that culminates those years of exploring the art of writing, it’s teaching me new skills every day, and I’m determent to see these Novel’s published in the upcoming years.



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